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Bao Bao started off as a simple craving for one of my favourite comfort foods: Chinese BBQ pork buns. Unavailable in Reykjavík, I took it into my own hands to create soft, fluffy milk bread. In addition to the BBQ pork bun, I quickly expanded to other popular flavours like scallion & sesame oil, Hong Kong pineapple, and hot dog buns.

Today, I also make typical Cantonese dim sum items such as dumplings, pancakes, and stir fried noodles! Through doing so, it’s taken me back to fond, childhood memories spent in Toronto’s Chinatown bakeries and dim sum restaurants with my Popo (grandma).

My multicultural upbringing has shaped my passion for food. To my surprise, other foodies want take a bite into my heritage as well, which is how Bao Bao was conceived! I couldn’t be more excited to share handcrafted Cantonese bakery & dim sum classics with Iceland and welcome you to experience new flavours with a Bao Bao twist!

– Lea Kuliczkowski, owner and founder of Bao Bao

Hafa samband

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